Outwitting the Fox with an Annuity

Last month, in the Article entitled Letting the Fox Guard the Henhouse, I suggested that a married couple could use an annuity to enable the spouse at home to retain more assets than otherwise would be available to her.

Annuity Replaces Lost Income
Enabling the spouse to keep more assets is particularly important when one considers the Medicaid rule that requires that most of the income earned by the spouse in the nursing home must be paid to the nursing home as a contribution to the cost of care. Hence, whatever additional assets the couple can retain by using an annuity will serve to offset the lost income, income the couple most likely depended on to maintain the day-to-day household expenses.

Specialized Annuity
The strategy discussed in last month’s article involves the use of a specialized annuity. I have addressed the characteristics of such annuity in my article discussing the 2006 Medicaid rule changes. You can read that article by clicking -HERE-.

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