Below are a few of the client reviews we have received.


From a Recent Client Email

Just wanted to thank you for the advice you gave me weeks ago regarding the disagreement I had with a vendor’s final payment. Sorry I am so late in my thank you but I really thought I was going to need to ask you to represent me as the vendor held my check for 30+ days. This was after sending an email disputing the final payment and reserving the right to pursue collecting the amount in question in the future.

Again, I really appreciate your taking the time to offer your sage advice.


Great Guide Through the Medicaid Wilderness
Posted by Jeff
August 31, 2016

Several years ago, my mother hired Mr. Gatesman to do a Medicaid plan for my father who was entering a nursing home. When my father’s condition suddenly got worse, Mr. Gatesman quickly changed gears, and through his fast action, all of my parents’ assets ended up in a trust under my father’s will. When my mother later needed to move into a retirement community, Mr. Gatesman came up with a way to secure a mortgage using trust assets to secure a loan on her residence, then converting it into a rental unit that provided my mother both income and secure support through trust assets. The trust allowed my mother to continue living as she always had been living, but when she too needed nursing home care, none of the assets in the trust had to be used to pay for her care. Mr. Gatesman then guided me through the baffling process of obtaining Medicaid benefits to pay my mother’s nursing home costs. This was a daunting journey, but his attention and direction to the actions that needed to be taken made the journey successful. With Mr. Gatesman’s guidance, my parents were able to preserve all of their assets, including their home. I am very pleased with Mr. Gatesman’s representation and I highly recommend his services to others.

Early Trust Termination
Posted by A.S.
June, 2016

William Gatesman assisted me in having my father’s trust terminated and the trust assets distributed to me and the other beneficiaries of the trust before the time that those assets were supposed to be distributed. We did this with a petition to the circuit court and the court allowed the distribution without holding a hearing based upon Mr. Gatesman’s written petition. And, while I engaged Mr. Gatesman to obtain this result, he went a step further and negotiated with the Trustee’s attorney to get the trustee to reimburse me for expenses I had paid relating to my father’s death, something I had been trying to do without success. Finally, Mr. Gatesman proposed and worked out an arrangement whereby the other trust beneficiaries agreed to reimburse me for a portion of my legal fees.

I am very pleased with Mr. Gatesman’s representation. He was easy to work with, he got me the result I had requested, and he made suggestions for other ways I could benefit from the representation and succeeded in obtaining those results. I highly recommend William M. Gatesman.