Thank You Note

I received a nice letter from a client recently. It reads as follows:

Dear Mr. Gatesman,

You may recall that we met during the blizzard in February. My main question at that time was how to get my mother into a nursing home on Medicaid without losing her house.

During our meeting, you pointed out that my mother should be eligible for a Veteran’s Administration Aid & Attendance pension. The whole time I was completing the application and assembling all the supporting documents, I assumed that the application would be automatically denied and we would have to launch a lengthy appeals process.

You can imagine my shock when our application was accepted within about 3 weeks of receipt! It was received by the VA on May 21, and they sent my mother a notice dated June 17, that arrived on what would have been my parents 69th wedding anniversary, June 22.  The notice says she will receive $1056 per month as of June 1.

I did not know that this pension even existed before consulting you.

Thank you again!